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  • We’ve worked with Dynamix on several major initiatives.  Technology Planning Mission & Vision Creation, Community Feedback Meetings, Gifted Program audits and Administrative Meeting effectiveness.  They are responsive and have great skill in involving stakeholders in decision making.  When we need help in Worthington, we call Dynamix first.

Proven methods, faster and better

Dynamix provides a quick and efficient turnaround because our team works alongside you in assessing each unique situation and designing a personalized plan for shortening the journey to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Resource Selection

Dynamix Resource Selection is a ground breaking independent review process. With our two specialized processes you are able to make data-driven, informed purchasing decisions.
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Coaching and Support

The Dynamix team believes coaching is an individualized process that builds a leader’s ability to achieve short-term and long-term organizational goals. Read More

Strategic Planning

We effectively identify and include all stakeholders in the process of developing a clear and effective vision, mission, and focus for your organization. Read More

Professional Development

We offer professional development opportunities for both individuals and groups. Read More

Data Analysis

We analyze current practices and procedures, use value-added data to drive building and classroom decisions, and develop questions related to strategic plans. Read More


Ways we can work together

From our face-to-face immersive partnerships to the 24-hour availability of our professional library, the right fit for your needs is available through our team and our resources.

Support Contract

When clear goals need to be created.

Organizations purchase days to be used for a variety of projects and needs; these may include coaching, planning, facilitation, data analysis, and grant evaluation. We act as an extension of your staff and are there for you for ‘just in time’ support and coaching.

Project Contract

When clear goals have been set.

Project Contracts are based on specific project needs that have been clearly defined. The deliverables/outcomes and timeline surrounding these collaborations are outlined via an individualized proposal that is project specific.

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When you need access to resources.

Members have access to our extensive resource database that includes meeting resources, articles, videos and PowerPoint ready processes for you to integrate into your meetings and projects.

About us

Dr. Jenny Hensley

Jen has mentored hundreds of professionals in the art of collaboration and effective group work. In addition to teaching courses, she has practiced these skills during her 17 years of educational administrative experience including roles as Assistant Superintendent and Chief Instructional Officer. Jen’s specialty is designing processes and facilitating groups as they work through major organizational change. She is the author of “BLEND: Implement blended learning in your classroom in 7 days or less” and the leading expert in blended/online program design. Jen combines her knowledge of collaboration with her experience and training in the area of technology to create one-of-kind training and facilitation experiences.

Dr. Tom Fry

Tom is affectionately known throughout the educational community as “the data guy”. His deep understanding of educational data combined with his ability to make direct connections to the classroom enables him to analyze and design programs that immediately impact the classroom. He has over 12 years’ administrative experience specializing in data analysis, leading professional development, and curriculum unpacking. Tom has presented nationally at ASCD and ACT Symposiums on the use of value-added reporting from district to the classroom level. He has extensive experience utilizing projection data to improve student course placement, inform intervention and enrichment identification, and improve classroom instruction.

  • Working with Dynamix has allowed us to take our administrative team to the next level.  While we have always had talented and committed leaders on our team, our work with the professionals at Dynamix has provided us with the tools to both streamline our meetings and make them more effective.  We can stay focused on the goals outlined in our strategic plan while having more time to do what we love, which is supporting our students and staff.

You are always a part of the Dynamix family

We stand behind our custom programs and services, and Dynamix will continually offer support as you work to achieve and maintain collaborative excellence.

  • Upper Arlington Schools

  • Canton City School District

  • Cleveland Metro Schools

  • Marion City Schools

  • New Albany Plain Local Schools

  • Ohio 8 Coalition


  • Ganhana–Jefferson Public Schools

  • Council of Great City Schools

  • Canal Winchester Local Schools

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