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Wouldn’t it be great to connect with teachers from across the state that teach the same grade levels/subjects? These 2-hour sessions of Teach and Learn Together offer educators an opportunity for this exact type of collaboration.


Collaborative Experience

The goal of the collaborative experience is to provide an opportunity for teachers to connect and share ideas and resources which focus on:


Building Relationships


Encouraging Student Participation


Enhancing Student Engagement

Participants will receive:

  • A guide with detailed information/resources
  • A contact list of the teachers participating in the session
  • An opportunity to learn about relevant instructional topics
  • A small group experience to share ideas and learn from others


Grades K - 2: July 8, 9-11AM
Grades 3 - 5: July 8, 12-2PM
Grades 6 - 8: July 9, 9-11AM
Grades 9 - 12: July 9, 12-2PM

Grades K - 2: July 29, 9-11AM
Grades 3 - 5: July 29, 12-2:00PM
Grades 6 - 8: July 30, 9-11AM
Grades 9 - 12: July 30, 12-2PM

The cost is $150 for both sessions. District group rates are available.

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$150 for both sessions. District group rates are available.

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